TThursday, February 16th 2023

                      h. 14:00÷20:00 Official Registration at PALASESTO (ICE ARENA)
                                                 Sesto San Giovanni

                      Friday, February 17th 2023

                      h. 08:00÷14:00 Official Registration at PALASESTO (ICE ARENA)
                      h. 17:00÷18:15 Initial Judges Meeting (Referees and Judges) at
                                               HOTEL BARONE DEI SASSJ **** Sesto San Giovanni
                      h. 18:30÷19:00 Official Draw at HOTEL BARONE DEI SASSJ **** Sesto San Giovanni
                      h. 19:15÷19:45 Meeting for Referees, Technical Controller, Technical Specialists and     
                                               Data/Replay Operators at HOTEL BARONE DEI SASSJ ****
                      h. 20:30            Officials’ Dinner for Judges/Referees/Technical Controller/Technical
                                               Specialists/Data-Replay Operators - T.B.A.
                      Saturday, February 18th, 2023

                      h. 07:15÷09:10 Official Practice Junior Short Program
                      h. 09:30÷12:40 Official Practice Senior Short Program

                      h. 14:00÷14:30 Opening Ceremony (Palasesto Arena)
                      h. 14:30÷16:00 Junior Short Program Event
                      h. 16:30÷19:00 Senior Short Program Event

                      Sunday, February 19th 2023

                      h. 06:30÷08.45 Official Practice Junior Free Skating
                      h. 09:00÷13:00 Official Practice Senior Free Skating

                      h. 14.00÷15.40 Junior Free Skating Event 
                      h. 16:00÷19:01 Senior Free Skating Event
                      h. 19:20÷20:00 Award Ceremony
                      h. 19:20÷20:10 Technical Panel Review Meeting for Junior/Senior
                      (Technical Controllers, Technical Specialist and Data/Replay Operators) at the ICE RINK (Technical Panel Room)     
                      h. 22:00÷00:00 Round Table Discussion for Junior/Senior (Referees and Judges) at HOTEL BARONE DEI SASSJ **** in Sesto San Giovanni  

                      Please note: This is a tentative schedule of events. It’s subject to changes